Category: Oolong Tea Reviews

Review: Tieguanyin, Xuyou Teahouse

As I posted earlier, I recently received a wonderful oolong tea gift from China. After trying this lightly oxidized oolong tea several times, I love it. I know for certain that this is one of […]

Review: Ali Shan, thepuriTea

If you celebrate, I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday! I spent the holiday drinking a wonderful Shanghai-origin high mountain oolong tea and am hoping to review it soon. In search of a light […]

Review: High Mountain Oolong Tea, Unknown

This oolong tea, which I’m calling “High Mountain Oolong Tea,” was an impulse purchase in a Hong Kong. I’ve included a photo of it below but really have no idea what company and affiliation it […]

Review: Phoenix Mountain Oolong, Peet’s Coffee & Tea

Phoenix Mountain Oolong, also known as Dan Cong, caught my interest this afternoon at Peet’s Coffee and Tea so I decided to try it. The name originates from Phoenix Mountain the Guangdong Province of China […]