LeafJoy is a new project to celebrate the journey to the perfect cup of tea. We welcome companions on the way, and here’s how you can be part of it!

Write for LeafJoy

If you’d like to submit a tea recipe or review to, please send us a note. The type of articles that we are looking for are:

  • Original content that tells readers something they didn’t know before.
  • Posts that contain substantive discussion. Short posts usually get rejected (though there are exceptions).
  • Pictures and illustrations of the content you’re describing.

Guest posters can enjoy the benefit of getting traffic back to their own website or blog through their bio, or if it makes sense, in the article itself.

Share your site

Want to be included in our list of tea blogs and sites? Send us your website and we’ll get you added right away!

Send us your tea news and samples

We always want news to share with the general tea community. Are you running a sale on tea that everyone should know about? Do you have a new flavor of tea that you want the world to try?

I also welcome tea samples from interested companies, but can’t guarantee a timely review although I make my best effort.

Contact us and we’ll help you get the word out!

How to reach us

Send us a message at the address below: