Five Awesome and Stylish Tea Cozies

One of the most essential parts of my daily tea routine is the tea cozy (also known as tea cosy). Tea cozies are practical little teapot covers which keep your tea piping hot while you’re sipping away at your tea.

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The Search for Awesome Tea Cozies

Most of the time when I think of tea cozies, I think of stodgy old grandmother cozies in floral prints and old-fashioned styles. But never fear, there are cute and stylish cozies out there for the modern tea drinkers! Here are some of my favorites, which not surprisingly are mostly off of the brilliant site Etsy.

Cozy #1: Industrial Felt Tea Cozy, ArgyleSt.

Michelle McLean of ArgyleSt produces tea cozies which are modern and functional with sleek lines. These are created with industrial felt, and come in a variety of colors including grey, cornflower blue, and tomato soup. Tea cozy’s can also be made to order, visit her Etsy shop to see more cozies.

Cozy #2: Elephant Teacosy, Victoria Albert Museum

This tea cozy features an elaborate elephant design and is beautifully handmade. It’s produced in Kashmir with 100% wool and 100% cotton backing. Visit Victoria Albert Museum.

Cozy #3: Hand Screen Printed Owl Tea Cosy

This sleepy little tea owl is just asking to be perked up with a strong jolt of black tea. These tea cozies are handscreened from Robin & Mould, a little shop based in the Wiltshire countryside in the UK. Visit their adorable store online.

Cozy #4: Hummingbird Tea Cozy in Aqua, Britgaldesigns

Britgaldesigns makes a wonderful variety in assorted modern and cute prints in their shop. I personally own a cozy from this shop and can say that it does its job quite well!

Cozy #5: Blue Marimekko Tea Cozy, Mrs. MacOlsen’s Shop

Last but not least, Mrs. MacOlsen’s Shop brings us a tea cozy in a gorgeous marimekko print. I love the vibrant blue and big floral print. This is the happy burst of color you need to start your day!

Tea Cozy Buying Tip: Sizing Matters

One piece of advice if you’re in the market for a new tea cozy. The size really matters. The sizes of these tea cozy’s range in both height and width. If you already have a tea pot at home, make sure that your cozy will fit in for both height and width. I’d always err on the conservative side, because a cozy which is a little too snug may mean that you’re never going to use it.

When measuring your cozy, keep in mind that it’s going to require additional height depending on how fat your teapot is. I’d recommend measuring it and then adding some additional inches to your requirements to ensure a good fit.