Review: Genmaicha, Obubu Tea

Review: Genmaicha, Obubu Tea

Review: Genmaicha

Tea Type

Obubu’s Genmaicha is a flavorful, well-balanced combination of Japanese sencha and roasted sweet mochi rice. The tea it produces is flavorful and light, with a wonderful aroma of roasted rice without too much bitterness. There is a slightly sweet, peppery aftertaste that adds layers of depth and complexity to the tea.

Obubu Tea’s Description:

Made with a little bit of luxury, Obubu’s Genmaicha (玄米茶) or Brown Rice Tea is made with 100% Japanese-grown sweet mochi rice combined with our Sencha of the Autumn Moon. The strong, sweet flavor of the roasted brown fills the air as the tea steeps and mixes with the sweetness and bitterness of the sencha to produce a delicious and natural tea.

Tasting Notes

Brewing Instructions

For the first infusion, steep with hot water at 100C / 212F for 30 seconds. The tea amount is approximately 1 tbsp of the tea for every 6 oz. water. For the second infusion, steep for only 10 seconds.


The dry leaves are a vibrant grassy green, with round brown grains of roasted mochi rice nestled amidst larger strips of light green sencha tea leaves. The dry leaves smell grassy and dry, with a dominant smell of seaweed and roasted rice.

After the first infusion of 30 seconds, the liqueur after steeping is an iridescent green-gold, and smells strongly of the toasted rice.

The steeped leaves retain their brightness and emanate a wonderful aroma of roasted rice and sencha.


The first infusion tastes flavorful and light with a wonderful aroma of roasted rice. This is an excellent flavor-packed tea with a medium body and smooth taste. There is a slightly sweet, peppery aftertaste that adds layers of depth and complexity to the tea.

I also tried adding the Sakura Blossoms from earlier to this tea, and it adds a fresh, floral overtone to the tea. The sweetness and floral scent contrasts and adds to the genmaicha’s robust roast. They go very well together, with the blend fo roasted rice with a lingering sweet finish.

After the second infusion, the aroma has changed. It’s ligher and more grassy, and the roasted rice flavor has diminished and is more apparent only as an aftertaste. In comparison to the first infusion which led with the bold roasted rice, the second one tastes more like a sencha with a hint of roast.

I could easily have infused this tea several more times and continued enjoying throughout the day. This is definitely a tea that I would enjoy drinking everyday.


This tea is from Wazuka, Kyoto in Japan.

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Pricing & Where to Buy

Pack Size: 3.5 oz. (100g pack)
Price per unit: $8.99
This tea can be purchased on Obubu Tea’s website here It’s priced at $8.99 per 3.5 oz. (100g pack).