Review: Matcha Kirara Rice Tea, Lupicia

Review: Matcha Kirara Rice Tea, Lupicia

Review: Matcha Kirara Rice Tea

Tea Type

Lupicia’s matcha kirara is a delicious and very satisfying blend of green tea and the toasted aroma of roasted kirara rice.

Lupicia Tea’s Description:

Genmaicha made from rice called “Kirara” is blended with flavorful matcha.

Tasting Notes

Brewing Instructions

For the first infusion, steep with hot water at 160-180F for 1 minute. The tea amount is approximately 1 tbsp of the tea for every 6 oz. water.


The powdery dusting on the roasted kirara rice grains are a bright and almost neon spring green. It doesn’t even look as if it’s brown rice at all like a usual dry genmaicha, but instead the powder makes the leaves look like oddly shaped bright green balls in the midst of a blanket of sencha leaves and green powder. The smell is grassy and sweet, with a hint of toast.

After the first infusion, the liquor is bright yellow-green and cloudy.

The steeped leaves are practically steaming after their dunk in hot water, and here is where the rice really kicks in with a strong roasted smell, like freshly popped popcorn. The leaves are a bright, verdant forest green. The powdery green tea leaves have been washed off, and it’s almost startling to see the bright red-brown pellets of the kirara rice revealed.


This teas is awesome. It’s grassy, sweet and a refreshingly cool taste on the mouth.

It’s not quite as strong in the toasted rice taste as the smell of the steeped leaves would suggest. I found that I actually prefer it to other genmaichas I’ve tried, because it’s closer to staying authentic to the base of the green tea without any troubling hints of astringency. The body is medium to full, very filling in the mouth. This is a very satisfying tea and an excellent version of genmaicha.

Pricing & Where to Buy

Pack Size: 1.76oz (50g)
Price per unit: $4.00
This tea can be purchased on Lupicia Tea’s website here.