Review: Earl Grey, Teaflection

Review: Earl Grey, Teaflection

Review: Earl Grey

Tea Type

Teaflection’s Earl Grey brews into a bold, complex and deeply flavorful cup which does a terrific job of bringing out the floral, citrusy flavor of its bergamot flavoring. It’s a wonderful pairing which really creates a full-bodied cup of deliciousness which is perfect as a strong tea to wake up with in the morning, or as an afternoon break. This tea has become one of our household staples that we drink every day, and I LOVE it! If you’re a fan of Earl Grey, after tasting this tea all of the teabags will feel like a wan, sad shadow of the real thing. Thanks to Teaflection for sending over this tea to try!

Teaflection’s Description:

This Earl Grey Tea blend has a distinctive flavor and aroma, due to the addition of oil extracted from the rind of the fragrant bergamot orange, a small acidic citrus fruit grown around the Mediterranean, to the black tea leaves.

Bright and refreshing, this blended tea is one of the most popular and well-known kinds of tea in the Western world. This tea produces a light, tart cup whose unusual character is different from all other black teas.

Tasting Notes

Brewing Instructions

Brew at 212F for 3-5 minutes to taste.


This tea is composed of small, fine fragments of dark red brown and black leaves, scattered with the occasional curl of citrus zest. The leaves are fragrant, not a “knock me over” strong smell, but pleasant earth and citrus.

It brews to a deep amber liquor, dark and fragrant.

After steeping, the dry leaf expands, showing distinct fragments of stem and leaf. The color of the leaves brighten to a heavily oxidized ruddy brown.


The taste is citrus and floral against a deep, rich expansive base of black tea. Wow! This earl grey is incredible. The black tea and citrusy bergamot together create a well balanced and satisfying cup. This is a delightful tea if you are a fan of earl grey blends. After trying this tea, the earl grey tea bags will feel like a tepid, tasteless shadow beside the real thing.

Be careful not to steep the first infusion for too long if you don’t like it too dark. I settled for a little under 3 minutes, because I prefer my tea plain. I tried this tea with a little milk and sugar, and it pairs wonderfully. It lasts fairly well through a second infusion as a full-bodied, strong black tea — it loses a bit of the citrus, and the liquor is more watery and weak to the taste.

Pricing & Where to Buy

Pack Size: 1/2 lb bag
Price per unit: $6.90
This tea can be purchased on the Teaflection website here.