Review: English Breakfast, Boston Tea Company

Review: English Breakfast, Boston Tea Company

Review: English Breakfast

Tea Type

Boston Tea Company’s English Breakfast steeps into a robust and bold cup — perfect for the morning or an afternoon cup of tea. I can definitely see drinking this tea all day long! It’s full-bodied and very smooth to the taste, with some nuttiness and smokey flavor in the cup. As the cup cools, the tea becomes slightly sweeter. I would love this tea as an iced tea or a chai, and it would also pair well with milk and sugar. Thanks to the folks at Boston Tea Company for sending this my way!

Boston Tea Company’s Description:

Whether at breakfast-time or in the evening, you’ll enjoy this traditional rich, robust blend of premium estate Chinese and Indian black tea. Aromatic and lovely, this tea stays fresh and stores easily on your shelf in an attractive tin of regal black beauty! It can also serve as an easy way to transport your favorite Bentley’s Tea to a friend’s house for a tea party!

Tasting Notes

Brewing Instructions

One teaspoon per 8 oz cup, steeped at 212F for 3-5 minutes. Can be enjoyed with lemon or milk.


This English Breakfast exudes character and robustness, even from the first impression. The tea is aesthetically quite beautiful (judge for yourself by the pictures in this post). The dry leaves are compact, neat, and uniformly sized. They range from black to notes of dark chocolate brown. The aroma of the leaves is dry and earthy, with a hint of smokiness. They promise a strong, bright cup.

As the tea steeps, the water deeps into a deep russet red. The leaves expand into recognizable bits of darkly oxidized stem and leaf. The liquor is a deep amber, dark and fragrant.


I prefer my teas without milk, so I steeped it for the minimum of three minutes. However, it’s a strongly flavored, full-bodied tea which would pair very well with some milk and sugar. It’s even strong enough to hold its own as a tea for home-made chai.

Overall, this is a great blend. It has a bold, smooth flavor that I associate with many high-quality Indian teas, but also a smokey nuttiness which brings interest and variation to its flavor. I can definitely see drinking this tea all day long, whether as a morning pick-me-up, or an afternoon treat to end the day.

Pricing & Where to Buy

Pack Size: 1/2 lb bag
Price per unit: Varies by size, but 1/2 lb is $16.99
This tea can be purchased on the Boston Tea Company website here.