Review: Kenilworth, Tea Licious

Review: Kenilworth, Tea Licious

Review: Kenilworth

Tea Type

The Kenilworth Estate Ceylon from Tea Licious is a full-bodied black tea with a mild and slightly astringent taste. It pairs well with milk and sugar, which goes a long way to rounding out its flavor. Thanks to the kind folks at Tea Licious for providing this tea to try.

The tea description from the Tea Licious website:

Ceylon’s most popular estate flavorful and smooth.

Tasting Notes

Brewing Instructions

Steep 3-5 minutes at 205 degrees.


The tea leaves are a dark chocolate brown with an undertone of red broken into small, regularly sized fragments. The smell is earthy and slightly sweet, almost fruity.

The tea steeps to a dark amber verging on almost deep brown.


Ceylon blacks promise a more mild flavor than the brisk black teas which many of us are accustomed to. The taste of this tea is full bodied and slightly astringent, but somewhat lacking in depth. The initial taste is crisp with a bit of astringent bite. The complaint I have here though is that the tea is forgettable. After its initial impression, there wasn’t a lot of surprise to it.

I’d say this tea would make a good transition from black tea bags, but isn’t particularly flavorful or interesting to my palate. THe astringent taste also takes some getting used to.

After some milk and sugar are added to the mix, they eliminate all hint of the bite of the tea. The drink is smooth and well-rounded, but the cup still seems a little bland after the initial burst of flavor.

Pricing & Where to Buy

Pack Size: varying sizes, from sample to 1 pound
Price per unit: $1 for sample, $5 for 2 oz.
This tea can be purchased on the Tea Licious website here.