Review: Xinyang Green Tips, Peony Tea S

Review: Xinyang Green Tips, Peony Tea S

Review: Xinyang Green Tips

Tea Type

This tea recently arrived in the post thanks to the folks at Peony Tea S, and I’ve really been enjoying it as an extremely good, consistent everyday tea. The tea was very flesh and flavorful, and definitely one that I’ll be finishing.

The packaging from Peony Tea S. is quite nice, with clear labels and directions, and a resealable bag to keep the tea leaves protected from light and fresh.

The description of the tea from the Peony Tea S. website:

Way back in the Tang Dynasty (618 -907 AD), Xinyang Green Tips have been earmarked as tribute teas for the Emperors. No real surprise really, once you savored it- it has a chestnut like aroma and a refreshing lingering sweetness that leaves you longing for more.

To enjoy it deeper, trying sipping plain water after drinking Xinyang Green Tips, you’ll be surprised how sweet plain ol’ water can taste. This is what we refer to as the recurring sweetness.

Tasting Notes

Brewing Instructions

Steep a heaping spoon of tea for 2 minutes at 80°C/ 176°F. Increase the steep time by 30 seconds for each infusion after the first one.


The tea leaves are a dark forest green and smell fresh and grassy. It’s a very photogenic tea, with wispy tips from the slender tea leaves.


The tea steeps to a beautiful bright yellow, and is sweet, almost buttery, with a medium body. A really pleasant way to start the day. There’s a slight trace of bitterness to the cup which enhances the flavor of the tea. Each subsequent steep (up to 3) retained great consistency to the flavor.

Over the past few days, I’ve really gotten a chance to enjoy this tea is various settings. I always look for green teas like this because they are particularly suited for the office. Often, offices have these weak little coolers that spit out water that can be called hot — but not boiling hot. Green teas like this are perfect for this scenario, as they won’t cook in the hot water and it brings out their flavor quite well.


The Xinyang Green Tips tea originates from Xinyang, Henan, China.

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Where to Buy

Find more information about this tea at the Peony Tea S. website. At the time of this post, an 50g packet is priced at $16.50.