Review: Bai Ya Qi Lan Oolong, Life in Teacup

Review: Bai Ya Qi Lan Oolong, Life in Teacup

Review: Ba Ya Qi Lan Oolong

Tea Type

Oolong is one of my favorite types of teas, and I’m always delighted when I find an excellent tea like this thanks to Life in Teacup, which has a tremendous selection of teas which are always at a consistently high quality.

Here are the details from Life in Teacup’s website:

Bai Ya Qi Lan Oolong traditional green style Superior Grade

Production Year: 2011
Production Season: Fall
Production Region: Fujian Province
Style: Traditional green style

Tasting Notes

Brewing Instructions

Amount of leaves: 5 gram for every 120ml total volume, brewed at newly boiled water temperature (203F)


One of the reasons why I like oolongs so much is that each oolong can be so different. This particular tea is quite green. The dry leaves are already promising, with a deliciously fragrant and floral smell. The tea leaves are large and irregularly sized loose bundles of dark green.


After a minute of steeping, the tea smells very floral, sweet, and has no trace of bitterness or astringency. The tea leaves unfold to show large, full mature leaves in a bright yellow liquor. They are a dark olive in color. After 3 minutes of steeping, the tea has deeper to a darker gold. The flavor has intensified – sweet, floral, slightly nutty – with a sweet and lingering finish.

This tea is delightful and satisfying, definitely something that I could order and try again. The tea holds it flavor well through further steeps, imparting a flavorful cup while losing its initial flowery taste. An excellent oolong and another great tea, thanks to the generosity of Life in Teacup!

Pricing & Where to Buy

Pack Size: 1 oz. (4x7g vacuum packs or 28g pack)
Price per unit: $3.99
Visit Life in Teacup’s website to purchase.