Teaware and the Ritual of Tea

Teaware and the Ritual of Tea

I was recently digging through my camera and found this photo from a Thai restaurant in Philadelphia. It got me to thinking…

While it’s not particularly a great photo, I love the teapot and it makes me reflect on the importance of teaware within the overall tea experience.

Drinking tea is all about the ritual, and the receptacle figures strongly into it.

I love pretty presentations of tea. While I appreciate the asceticism of a traditional cupping set which allows you to focus on taste, aroma and appearance of the tea, I’m have a very big weakness for presentation. I love teaware which is distinctive and unique to the time and location (Samovar Tea in San Francisco does this particularly well).

Great teaware is a reminder to step back and appreciate the moment. I thought the teapot was really cool in the tea photo above, and it makes an otherwise unmemorable restaurant experience into a fun one.

What’s your favorite teaware?