The Art of Making Flowering Tea

Allegria Jasmine Burst tea

Editor’s Note: I’m pleased to welcome Brenna Ciummo from Seattle Coffee Gear for a guest post on LeafJoy today.

Ah, the enigmatic flowering or “blooming” tea. While the tea has become popular in recent years, the information surrounding its creation and inception is somewhat nebulous. As with many teas, experts in the field seem to have varying opinions on how the tea is best processed, brewed and enjoyed. Likewise, there’s a healthy debate over whether the tea has been around since ancient China or if it’s an invention of the 1980s. One thing is for certain; the tea sure is pretty when it blooms.

Guest Review: Peach Oolong, Art of Tea

Editor’s Note: I’m pleased to welcome Jen from There’s No Time Like Tea Time for a guest review on LeafJoy today.

Review: Peach Oolong



Inspirational Morning Tea

Together we can do what we never can do alone

Source: Anete on Muzy

Travel Report: A Journey To India’s Tea Fields

2011 has been a truly spectacular year. After visiting the tea fields in Thailand in March, I recently had the rare privilege of traveling to Munnar, a hill station located in the Indian state of Kerala. On the map, it’s near the south-western tip of India. Its high elevations, cool temperatures and the vast, rolling fields of tea make it a popular tourist destination for locals.

Photo: Tea fields in India

Dear tea lovers,

Sorry for the long break. I’ve only recently returned from a trip overseas which included the beautiful tea fields of Munnar in India. A longer post is in the making, but a teaser picture below.

Happy Halloween! The Lupicia Tea Giveaway Winner Is…

Happy Halloween everyone! As promised, here are the results of the Lupicia Tea Giveaway I announced earlier…

A New Tea Adventure – Pu-erh Tea 101

After reading about pu-erh teas on many wonderful blogs such as The Half-Dipper and MattCha’s Blog, I find myself very curious to learn more about these teas.

If you’re not familiar with pu-erh, it’s a type of post-fermented tea that’s generally produced in the Yunnan province. The output can be loose teas, or these beautifully compressed dark cakes which many people collect and age like fine wine. (more…)

Teaware and the Ritual of Tea

I was recently digging through my camera and found this photo from a Thai restaurant in Philadelphia. It got me to thinking…


Tea for Two at Peet’s Coffee

A few photos from a recent visit to Peet’s Coffee and Tea. Peet’s is one of the few commercial chains out there that offers a wide selection of teas. They also carry a few rare teas which I’ve found to be quite tasty. My Golden Dragon Oolong tea came on a little tray with a tea pot, two cups and a tea strainer. They even have free Internet, so it was easy to enjoy my tea and get a bit of work done.

Lupicia Tea Giveaway – Enter By 10/31!

I’m a big fan of Lupicia Teas and thought I’d share my passion for them by giving away some great teas!

The winner will receive these three teas from Lupicia:

  • Grapefruit Green – Green tea flavored with fresh grapefruits makes a refreshing taste.
  • Melon Oolong – A great combination of juicy melons and aromatic Taiwanese oolong tea.
  • Sakurambo Vert – Fresh cherry flavor makes this quality Japanese tea even more appealing. Also suitable for iced tea.

Below are the directions on how to enter!