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Turning a new leaf

Happy new year, readers! It’s been quite a long time since I’ve had a chance to update this site. And on the first day of the new year, I’ve done quite a bit of sprucing […]

The Art of Making Flowering Tea

Editor’s Note: I’m pleased to welcome Brenna Ciummo from Seattle Coffee Gear for a guest post on LeafJoy today. Ah, the enigmatic flowering or “blooming” tea. While the tea has become popular in recent years, […]

Guest Review: Peach Oolong, Art of Tea

Editor’s Note: I’m pleased to welcome Jen from There’s No Time Like Tea Time for a guest review on LeafJoy today. Review: Peach Oolong Tweet

Inspirational Morning Tea

Together we can do what we never can do alone Source: Anete on Muzy Tweet

Travel Report: A Journey To India’s Tea Fields

2011 has been a truly spectacular year. After visiting the tea fields in Thailand in March, I recently had the rare privilege of traveling to Munnar, a hill station located in the Indian state of […]

Photo: Tea fields in India

Dear tea lovers, Sorry for the long break. I’ve only recently returned from a trip overseas which included the beautiful tea fields of Munnar in India. A longer post is in the making, but a […]

Happy Halloween!  The Lupicia Tea Giveaway Winner Is…

Happy Halloween everyone! As promised, here are the results of the Lupicia Tea Giveaway I announced earlier… Tweet

A New Tea Adventure – Pu-erh Tea 101

After reading about pu-erh teas on many wonderful blogs such as The Half-Dipper and MattCha’s Blog, I find myself very curious to learn more about these teas. If you’re not familiar with pu-erh, it’s a […]

Teaware and the Ritual of Tea

I was recently digging through my camera and found this photo from a Thai restaurant in Philadelphia. It got me to thinking… Tweet

Tea for Two at Peet’s Coffee

A few photos from a recent visit to Peet’s Coffee and Tea. Peet’s is one of the few commercial chains out there that offers a wide selection of teas. They also carry a few rare […]