Happy Halloween! The Lupicia Tea Giveaway Winner Is…

Happy Halloween!  The Lupicia Tea Giveaway Winner Is…

Happy Halloween everyone! As promised, here are the results of the Lupicia Tea Giveaway I announced earlier…

And the lucky winner is, Michelle!

Michelle wins the following Lupicia Teas:

  • Grapefruit Green – Green tea flavored with fresh grapefruits makes a refreshing taste.
  • Melon Oolong – A great combination of juicy melons and aromatic Taiwanese oolong tea.
  • Sakurambo Vert – Fresh cherry flavor makes this quality Japanese tea even more appealing. Also suitable for iced tea.

In response to what her favorite tea is, and what she’s most excited about tasting, Michelle said, “Hmmm….favorite tea…probably any green oolongs, but I can’t pass up a good Dragonwell. I’m most excited about trying the Melon Oolong because I haven’t tried a lot of flavored oolongs and that’s one area I’m trying to branch out in.”

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Image Credit: hnakamura