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Tea Tasting Ceremony at Imperial Tea Court in San Francisco [PICS included!]

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to visit Imperial Tea Court in San Francisco. Imperial Tea Court was founded in 1993 by Roy Fong, and particularly well-known for a good selection of hand-crafted […]

Enjoying Tea For One

I’ve been exploring different ways of tasting tea in a simple gongfu style. My problem with gongfu cha is that I tend to drink tea alone. It can also be intimidating from how complicated it. […]

Tea Interview: Ian from Obubu Tea

The third interview in our series is for Ian, Kyoto Obubu Tea Plantation’s Overseas Marketing Agent. If you’re not familiar with Kyoto Obubu Tea, they are a small farm based in the Wazuka valley of […]

Blending Custom Teas at Home

The possibilities of blending teas to create new and unique flavors and endless. It can be a great way to add a kick to a tea you’ve already got in your cupboard. I’ve been doing […]

Tasting Sakura Cherry Blossoms from Obubu Tea [includes PICS!]

I ordered the Obubu Tea sampler package several weeks ago and finally got around to a much-anticipated tasting of the Sakura Cherry Blossoms. photo by springben The sakura, or Japanese cherry blossom, symbolizes the intense […]

Happy New Year: A Tea Photo Odyssey

Happy new year everyone! It’s amazing how quickly 2010 has sped by. I love browsing around for beautiful tea photography and thought I’d take you on a short tea photo odyssey with me. Raising a […]

Tea Interview: Mary, Jazz Musician and Tea Entrepreneur

Happy holidays everyone! As part of my ongoing tea community interview series, this week’s is from Mary of @teaandjazz. She’s in the process of founding her own tea business and has been learning from the […]

Tea Interview: Stephanie Harkins, Chief Editor of the Tea Review Blog

This is the first of a tea community interview series that I’m hosting at LeafJoy. This week’s interview is with Stephanie Harkins of Tea Review Blog, an online community of tea lovers and tea reviewers […]

Mystery Tea Identified – History and Tasting Notes of Jin Jun Mei

Thanks to everyone who helped me identify the tea from the last post. It turns out that the mystery is solved, thanks to Gingko Seto from Life in Teacup. According to Gingko, “It’s Jin Jun […]

Help me identify a mystery Chinese tea

I received a package of this tea as a gift recently. The only identifying English on it is as a Jing Dian Chinese Tea, which just seems to be a claim that the tea is […]