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Message in a Tea Canister

Can a gift of tea be a message? In China, the consumption of tea can be an occasion and holds a significant space in social customs. A proffered cup of tea can be a sign […]

How a Bad Coke Habit Led Me to Start Drinking Tea

I admit it, I had a bad Coke habit when I was a kid. I grew up in Seattle and was one of those little kids that was addicted to Coca Cola. When I was […]

Runner-Up for the Expanding Leaves Fair Trade Month/Autumn Giveaway

I am so excited to be the runner up winner of the Expanding Leaves Fair Trade Month & Autumn Giveaway! After a week of waiting excitedly by my mailbox with puppydog eyes at the mailman, […]

A Guide to Photographing Tea

Part of blogging is also about showing off the visuals, and tea photography is particularly tricky to get right. However, pictures are essential. It’s hard to accurately picture what a tea looks like from reading […]

Why I Write About Tea

There is a Blog Carnival of Association of Tea Bloggers hosted by Jason at Walker Tea Review going on about why bloggers blog about tea and I couldn’t resist adding my two cents on why […]