Runner-Up for the Expanding Leaves Fair Trade Month/Autumn Giveaway

I am so excited to be the runner up winner of the Expanding Leaves Fair Trade Month & Autumn Giveaway! After a week of waiting excitedly by my mailbox with puppydog eyes at the mailman, I received the surprise box yesterday afternoon!

It was a pretty big heavy box and contained all sorts of goodies. Here’s a photo of the unboxed contents:

The contents came packaged in awesome Halloween theme, complete with cobwebs brimming with fake spiders and black and orange confetti! Inside were a lot of wonderful samples of teas to try out.

The package also contained a great little tea mug and was loaded chock-full of my favorite candies. The rules for the Expanding Leaves content the contest were to comment on the blog with your favorites. My favorite candies are Kit Kat bars and Swedish fish. Ask and ye shall receive!

Thanks so much to Melissa at Expanding Leaves for writing an awesome tea blog. Thanks again for choosing me as a runner-up winner. I never win contests and was really surprised and grateful to be chosen.

You just made my month! 😀

I can’t wait to sample and review the teas in the coming weeks! Stay tuned.