How a Bad Coke Habit Led Me to Start Drinking Tea

I admit it, I had a bad Coke habit when I was a kid.

I grew up in Seattle and was one of those little kids that was addicted to Coca Cola. When I was in sixth grade, I remember I used to rush home from school and easily consume four to five cans of coke in front of the TV after school.

I even had a great technique where I could one-handed, wrap my hand around the can and hook my index finger in the pull-tab and pop the can. Fizzz…. ahh. Somewhere on the north pole, Coke-sponsored polar bears are dancing.

There are several reasons why coke is bad for you, but the ones that stick out to me are:

  • It’s acidic and will dissolve your tooth enamel
  • It contains high levels of phosphorous and leaches calcium out of your bones
  • It is full of sugar which contributes to your risk of obesity and diabetes

Not for the faint of heart, but next time you think about drinking that coke, watch this:

In comparison, tea has a seemingly endless list of potential health benefits. Tea has potential benefits:

  • antibiotics
  • anti-cancer
  • increasing metabolic rate
  • anti-diabetes
  • boosting your immune system
  • lowering your stress
  • and more!

I’m not sure if I buy all of tea’s purported benefits since they’re in varying stages of being proven, but if you ask me it’s a lot better to be drinking a beverage where scientists are arguing about arguing about the number of benefits, rather than the one which they universally agree is bad!

After I started reading about how awful soda is, I made the decision to break my tea habit starting from high school on. It’s one of the pivotal changes which made me start drinking and appreciating tea. Starting LeafJoy up is an homage to the experience. Today I’m happy to report that I only drink coke a few times a year!

My passion for tea and photography are the reasons why I started LeafJoy. I drink tea almost every day, but never really thoughtfully examined the drink or appreciated it fully. LeafJoy is an expression of my journey to becoming a tea connoisseur. Drinking great teas and talking to people in the community is vastly accelerating my tea experience!

What made you start drinking tea?