In search of the tea I’ve loved and lost

In search of the tea I’ve loved and lost

There have been two teas which I’ve fallen in love with. The first is this Earl Grey loose leaf blend from Teaflection which has quickly situated itself as a well-loved household staple, and second there’s this tieguanyin from Xuyou Teahouse which I blogged about earlier as well.

Sometimes you fall in love with a tea, and its absence leaves you aching for more.

In the case of the former — it’s easy. I have it on my to-do list to place an order with Teaflection as soon as my recent tea bag is finished up.

In the case of this oolong which I photographed earlier, I really fell in love with this tea. It’s a beauty to both look at and taste. Once steeped, the oolong leaves expand and drift about gracefully in the hot water. The tea itself is delicate, floral and full of many levels of flavor.

I’m in love and I want more. Unfortunately, the tea was a gift from an overseas visitor to a friend who gave me one of the two tins in the box. I quickly finished my tin of tea, and in my desperation to get more, I’ve actually sent directions with two separate friends visiting Shanghai to search of this elusive tea. Both of them have turned up empty-handed — apparently, their People’s Square location has been closed.

I really wish there was a consistent and reliable way to reliably find these teas online by source, origin and year. In the meantime, I’ve loved and lost.

Anyone have any tips on where I can get more of this tea?