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Tasting Teas without Overflowing the Cupboard

I just noticed this thanks to the Steepster forums, but Rachel Carter of iHeartTeas has been compiling various sets of tea samples for sale on Tea Trade. Tweet

Recipe: Soy Matcha Smoothie

As a follow-up to my earlier post about my first experiences with matcha, I also found a simple recipe for a soy matcha smoothie online. The recipe is simple. You combine 1-2 cups of soy […]

Tea in Thailand – Tasting at 101 Tea Plantation

The long-delayed second post about my March trip to Thailand is here, covering the tea tasting we did in Thailand. You can check out the first part complete with scenery and pictures here. The 101 […]

Drinking Matcha for the First Time

I was really delighted when Gavin from Vitalife sent me a sample of their matcha green tea powder. Here’s a close-up of what the matcha powder looks like straight from the bag. It’s very fine […]

Tea Interview: Michaelle, tea cosy artist and tea sommelier

The latest interview in our series is from Michaelle McLean, creator of an amazingly stylish line of tea cosies which you can find at She’s also a certified tea sommelier and shares a little […]

Tea in Thailand – Traveling Doi Mae Saelong (Part 1)

Doi Mae Saelong in Thailand is a travel destination which reminds you to savor the journey, not just the destination. Tucked away in the midst of many beautiful mountains, a well-maintained road winds its way […]

Photo: Contemplating Assam

I love taking photographs of tea. In particular, I love it when I run into a particularly photogenic tea like the assam below. Taking an image of it is a little bit like visually tasting […]

Tea Tasting Ceremony at Imperial Tea Court in San Francisco [PICS included!]

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to visit Imperial Tea Court in San Francisco. Imperial Tea Court was founded in 1993 by Roy Fong, and particularly well-known for a good selection of hand-crafted […]

Enjoying Tea For One

I’ve been exploring different ways of tasting tea in a simple gongfu style. My problem with gongfu cha is that I tend to drink tea alone. It can also be intimidating from how complicated it. […]

Ever Wondered How Jasmine Pearls Are Made?

Jasmine tea is one of my favorites. Here are some photos of Jasmine Dragon Pearls from my cupboard. The tea is infused with the scent of jasmine flowers. It’s fascinating to understand how this beautiful […]